Vocational training in Belgium for refugees

How is vocational training in Belgium for refugees

Immigration is a difficult process when you need to adapt to new living conditions. The basic condition for a normal existence is to get a well-paid job. Vocational training in Belgium for refugees will help you get a new profession or improve your skills in an existing one. In this article we will talk about the stages of preparation in the country and the European Union as a whole.

How to get a new profession in Belgium

The first step is to obtain a residence permit in Belgian territory. To do this, you need to obtain official refugee status – Appendix 15 or Card “A”. These documents make it possible to get an official job. In each region of the country, vocational training courses have been created in Belgium – Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. For refugees and immigrants, teaching is free, and internships in companies are possible. This approach will allow you to adapt to the Belgian working environment and gain new employment opportunities.

Belgian professional courses

Features of state courses:

  • For preparation, you can contact the representatives of VDAB (Flanders), le Forem ( Wallonia ) or Bruxelles Formations (Brussels).
  • The term of study is from 6 months to 1 year.
  • Internship in the company, ule you will work after completing the course.
  • Advanced training is free, the state pays for possible business trips.

The disadvantage is a relatively small selection of professions. There is training in construction specialties, maintenance or driving professions. But this can become the basis for advanced training, career growth and higher wages. After completing vocational training in Belgium, the refugee is issued a certificate.

Important: do not try to get an illegal job. You will not pay taxes, often safety rules are violated in the workplace.

VDAB in Flanders

The organization specializes in teaching new professions to foreigners and natives of Belgium. detailed information can be obtained on the official website – https://www.vdab.be. In addition, there is a contact center where you can call 0800 30 700, calls are free. At VDAB you can sign up for courses, online seminars and webinars. They also offer to pass an interview and test professional skills. This will help determine your actual skill level.

VDAB in Belgium, an organization for obtaining a new profession and employment

Job opportunities for immigrants:

  • Registration as a job seeker. The procedure is free, many employers in Belgium will know about you.
  • Vocational training for refugees and immigrants with the possibility of choosing a future profession.
  • Trainer at a new workplace. He will help to optimize processes, tell in detail about the nuances.
  • Scholarship for the period of retraining.

Teaching is conducted in Dutch or English. Before that, it is recommended to learn one of the official languages of Belgium, which will increase the chances of finding a well-paid job. On the official website of VDAB, you can create an account for more features.

Tip: The cumulative points system is a handy model for monitoring personal career growth.

le Forem in Wallonia

For job searches in Wallonia and vocational training for immigrants, we recommend contacting the regional center le Form. Here you can register on the official website https://www.leforem.be, get information support by calling 0800/93 947. A feature of the organization’s work is the automation of processes. You can register on the official website and get access to all the features of the system. For refugees and immigrants, a special integration program is provided for vocational training in this region of Belgium.

Center le Forem in Wallonia

After choosing and completing courses, you will receive a certificate with points by which a future employer will be able to judge your professional skills. You can choose a place of work even at the stage of selecting a new profession. It is recommended to study the criteria and requirements of the future employer. In the process of studying, you may be sent to practice. This is done at the expense of the state center.

To search for a job after vocational training in Belgium, Wallonia, you can download a mobile application. It displays current vacancies, compiles a rating of popular specialties in the Belgian labor market. Additionally, there is an analysis of salaries by municipality.

Teaching is conducted in French or English. In addition to theory, practical skills are given for a new profession. This helps to develop faster, gain new professional skills.

Bruxelles Formations in the capital of Belgium

For those living in Brussels, it is recommended to contact Bruxelles Formations, which specializes in the training and employment of refugees living in the Belgian capital. The organization offers a standard training and internship program. A certificate is issued after completion of professional training. Feature of Bruxelles Formations – many employers from Brussels cooperate with the organization, which makes it easier to find a job.

Bruxelles Formations in Brussels for immigrants

On the official website https://www.bruxellesformation.brussels you can see current vacancies, study advanced training courses. The last ones start on certain days, so you need to sign up in advance. According to the results of the organization’s work over the past year, more than 70% of students found jobs. This is a good indicator for Belgium, since not only low-paid professions are in demand in Brussels, but also specialists in the field of IT, banking, insurance, and medicine.