Jewelry robbery in Brussels

Belgian news: daring robbery of a jewelry store in Brussels

Brussels, Belgium, 9 June 2024 – A daring robbery at a jewelery store took place this morning in the center of Brussels, resulting in the theft of over a million euros worth of jewellery.

Police are looking for criminals

According to the police report, the robbery took place around 10:00 a.m. in the Grand Place area. Three masked men burst into the salon, threatening the staff with weapons. The criminals acted quickly and professionally, breaking windows and taking jewelry before fleeing the scene in a black car.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the robbers leaving the scene at high speed. One witness, Jacques Dumont, said: «It was like something out of a movie. They burst in, grabbed everything they could and quickly disappeared. We were all in shock.»

Brussels police quickly launched an investigation and introduced an interception plan, but the criminals have so far managed to escape. All available forces are involved in the investigation, including detectives and criminologists. A review of CCTV footage has already begun and police are asking anyone with any information about the offenders or their whereabouts to contact them immediately.

Thieves broke in unexpectedly

The owner of the jewelry store, Marc Lefebvre, expressed his shock and disappointment: «This is a terrible incident. We try to provide our customers with safety and protection, but such events are a reminder that there is always a risk. I hope the police find those responsible and return our jewelry.»

This robbery was the largest in Brussels in recent years. City residents are concerned about the rising crime rate and hope for a speedy restoration of law and order. The police assure that they are doing everything possible to catch criminals and ensure the safety of citizens.