New police raids in Brussels

Belgium: More than 130 arrested in joint police raids in Halle Gate, Brussels

From 1 April 2024 in Brussels, the Brussels/Elsen and Brussels-South police zones began working together to ensure order and security in and around the Halle Gate area, including the Hallepoort metro station. As part of these operations, numerous checks were carried out, during which 2.7 kilograms of drugs were seized, as well as 7 small arms and military weapons.

Brussels police raids

During the period from early April to mid-June, police detained 131 people. As a result of these operations, the Brussels prosecutor’s office opened 46 criminal cases and 36 people were arrested.

Such operations are a necessary measure to ensure security in the most criminal areas of Brussels. The city police hope that this will reduce tension in the municipality, which will lead to an increase in tourist flow and attract greater investment into the economy.

These measures are aimed at improving security and fighting crime in one of the central areas of Brussels. Local residents and city officials expressed support for these initiatives, emphasizing the importance of maintaining order in the area. It is planned that similar police operations will continue to ensure the safety of all residents and visitors to the city.