New immigration laws in Belgium

Migration law reform in Belgium in 2024, what you need to know

Nicole de Moor, who holds the post of Secretary for Asylum and Migration in Belgium, has proposed a new draft migration legislation. His goal is to improve the system to create clearer asylum rules in Belgium in 2024, harmonize labor migration laws and address family reunification issues.

The project is under consideration and will only be completed after parliamentary approval. The timing of final adoption depends on debate. But already at this stage, it is clear that the bill is part of the party’s election campaign.

What migrants need to know in Belgium

However, there are already critics of the new Belgian migration project of 2024. Thus, the opposition party Vlaams Belang ” called it an election tool to attract votes. But despite this, changes in Belgium’s migration policy are needed for the following:

  • Optimization of time for registration of new migrants.
  • Creation of an optimal system for providing asylum. This will reduce decision making time.
  • Elimination of errors and contradictions with the legislation of 1980.
  • Closing loopholes for abuse by both migrants and employers.

A new UK cross-border worker visa has been added for EU residents. In addition, systematic checks are envisaged regarding the abuse of social benefits by EU citizens and refugees in Belgium. In case of violation or commission of a crime, the procedure for expulsion, as well as deprivation of a residence permit in Belgium, is simplified.

New procedures will be created for potential Belgian citizens coming from non-EU countries to obtain citizenship in 2024. However, how quickly the new bill will be considered and what changes will be made at the debate stage is still unknown.