Description of the Belgian airport Liege

Detailed description of Liege Airport in Belgium: infrastructure, how to get there, terminals

Of all Belgian airports, Liege is the least popular airport for passengers. And the reason for this is not the location or poorly developed infrastructure. It should serve as a large transshipment point for transporting goods. According to this indicator, it ranks first in the country. If you need to buy air tickets specifically to Liege Airport in Belgium, we offer a full description of it. This will help you navigate the place – choose a convenient mode of transport, find out the location of ticket offices and terminals.

History of the airport

Liege Airport ( Liège Airport ) has a long history, and its development is associated with important stages in the air history of Belgium. The creation of infrastructure began in the 1930s. The reason is the first commercial aviation operations in this region. In 1930, the airline ” Sabena ” was founded, and this event contributed to the development. During World War II, Liege airfield became a strategically important air base. It was used by Germany and the Allies, and military squadrons and aircraft were based here. After the end of hostilities in 1954, it was opened to international civil traffic and its name became Liège-Bierset Airport _ In the 1970s and 1980s, it actively developed as an international cargo hub.

History of Liege Airport

In recent decades, Liege Airport has grown into one of the largest cargo hubs in Europe and the world. It has become a key hub for international air cargo and a base for many cargo airlines. Currently, it continues to develop and improve in the field of cargo transportation processing. It is an important link in the global logistics infrastructure and plays an important role in global trade.

Important: Liège Airport remains a key player in global cargo aviation and an important part of Belgian air transport history, a key element of the country’s economy.

Location Liege, how to get there

Liege Airport ( Liège Airport ), also known as Liège-Bierset Airport, located in Belgium, in the Wallonia region, and is located in the city of Grâce – Hollogne. Nearby is the large conglomerate of Liege. The city is 12.5 km away. To find it on the map you need to enter Rue into the search box de l’ A é roport, 4460 Grâ ce – Hollogne, Belgium.

Where are the terminals located?

Ways to get to Liege Airport on your own:

  • By car: You can reach the airport by car by following the signs on the motorways and roads in Belgium. Liege Airport is located near the city of Liege and is connected to the E42 motorway.
  • By public transport: You can plan a train or bus ride to Liege Central Station ( Liège-Guillemins ) and then transfer to local buses or taxis to get to the airport. Travel times and public transport availability vary depending on your location.
  • Taxis and Charter Services: You can book taxis or charter services to get you to the airport.
  • Car rental. To travel independently in Belgium, you can rent a car. The minimum daily cost is 30 Euros, excluding the purchase of fuel. For registration you need a driver’s license, passport and cash deposit.

Please note that conditions and transport availability are subject to change. Output – It is recommended to check the latest information about transport options at the time of your trip. This can be done on the official website of Liege Airport or on public transport systems in Belgium.

Advice: It is recommended to avoid traveling on the highway in the morning and evening hours. At this time, traffic jams and congestion often occur on the roads.

Infrastructure, terminals and ticket offices

The peculiarity is that it specializes in freight transport. Despite this, Liege Airport has a modern infrastructure: terminals and equipment for cargo handling, places for rest and waiting for passengers. For the convenience of the latter, there are several cafes and restaurants in the building. There are medical and rescue services.

Infrastructure Liege

Liege Airport is equipped with several cargo terminals, including a main terminal for cargo and mail handling. These terminals are equipped with modern equipment for loading and unloading cargo aircraft. An additional plus is the personnel and equipment to handle various types of cargo, including containers, pallets and miscellaneous cargo. It is also equipped with security systems and customs services to ensure efficient cargo transportation.

Several large cargo airlines cooperate with the administration: FedEx, UPS, DHL, Cargolux and others. These airlines operate regular cargo flights to and from the airport. It is possible to reserve a place for your cargo on the official website of Liege Airport.

In addition to cargo services, it serves some passenger flights. Passengers have access to a small passenger terminal that provides services and amenities for travelers.

These include:

  • Car parking for 50 spaces.
  • Comfortable waiting room.
  • Automated baggage collection counters.
  • Several passenger registration portals.
  • Cafes and restaurants.
  • Room for mother and child.

In addition, Liege Airport is constantly modernizing and improving its infrastructure to provide a high level of service for cargo and passenger traffic. The reconstruction does not affect the quality of service; current information on Liege Airport flight schedules can be found on the official website.

Tip: It is recommended to arrive to check in for your flight 30-40 minutes before departure.

Useful information about the airport

To quickly obtain information, it is recommended to call +32 4 234 84 11. Detailed information on flight schedules and air ticket prices can be found on the official website of Liege Airport – Sorry, there is no email information available.

Belgium’s Liege International Airport is a large cargo hub. It specializes in receiving, storing and reloading cargo onto airliners. It is recommended to use it as a passenger terminal only if you need to get to this particular region of Belgium.