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Belgium is a special European country with its national culture, traditions and living conditions. The task of our information portal is to give maximum information about the state, peculiarities of its internal structure. Here you can find useful information about living, working and leisure in Belgium.

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Finding up-to-date information about Belgium is a complex process. In the sections of our site, you can find useful tips, links to official sources and examples of documents to emigrate to Belgium. The material has been prepared by experts; each source of information is checked for reliability.
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What you can learn on the site about Belgium:

  • Conditions for moving to the country. Rules for registration of citizenship, the necessary list of documents, requirements for future citizens. Job search.
  • Description of popular jobs, overview of employers. Separately covered the labor code.
  • The cities of Belgium. Here it is possible to compare living conditions in different cities of the country. In it interesting articles, the personal opinion of authors, the review of historical and natural sights is placed.
The information on the site is updated every day. To get news is enough to subscribe to a free newsletter. In addition to articles and other materials on the site you can read real reviews of emigrants, locals, tourists. This will help you form an objective view of Belgium.

Why our site is the best source of information

About site, factsOnly reliable data. We collect fresh materials based on verified information. A detailed analysis is carried out and an opinion is formed from several sources.

About as, interestingInteresting materials. Each article is a unique source of information about Belgium. In the sections you can find useful tips for immigrants, tourists and just interesting articles about the country.

About as, upsateConstant updating. Do you want to know the latest news about the country, changes in legislation, and new tourist itineraries?

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