The criminal came back for chips

In Antwerp, the criminals returned for chips and were detained

A curious incident occurred recently in Antwerp, Belgium. As part of a road check program, the city’s police attempted to stop the car. The reason is the strong fogging of the glasses. After stopping the car, the driver did not wait for the police officer and tried to run away. The chase began on Artselaarstraat and continued to Alphonse de Coq. Here the driver lost control and crashed into another car.

There were six people in the pursued car. After the clash, they fled from the police, who announced a plan to intercept. However, what was the surprise of the law enforcement officer when one of the criminals returned to the scene of the accident for chips. It turned out to be a woman who was the driver’s wife. After the arrest, it turned out that in addition to them, there were three minor children and a family friend in the transport.

The interrogation of the criminal, who returned to the car for chips, helped to detain the rest of the participants in the conflict. The father of the family was previously convicted, was under house arrest. He had a police bracelet on his leg. Drugs were found in his blood. However, by court decision, all participants in the conflict got off with only light warnings.