Description of the British School in Brussels

British School in Brussels: history of creation, curricula, tuition fees

Among the international systems of education, the British one is recognized as the most effective. It consists of several programs that allow students to discover the possibilities. Additionally, with its help, you can get the optimal amount of knowledge for further development. Therefore, the British School in Brussels leads among other educational institutions in Belgium. We will help you understand the advantages of training programs, identify possible disadvantages.

The history of the creation of the British school

The official founding date of the British School Brussels ( BSB ) is December 5, 1969. Ser Dik was the initiator of the project Pantlin and Lelsey Freeman. The first one took over the organizational activities to attract investments, discuss the architectural part and draw up the approval documentation. Leslie Freeman became involved in the creation of the curriculum and became the honorary president of the school. The board of trustees also included businessman Mike Goodman. Subsequently, the new buildings of the British School in Brussels will be named after them.

History of the British School in Belgium

At the first stage, the buildings had not yet been built, so the students and the teaching staff were accommodated in the Rue building de la Loi. The official opening took place on September 15, 1970. At this point, the school had 213 students and 16 teachers. The age of the first was 5-13 years. Renowned educator Alan Humphreys was named director. After 3 months, in December 1970, the first campus opens. The ceremony was attended by the Duke of Edinburgh.

Gradually, the British School in Brussels expanded its territory, new infrastructure facilities were built. Under the guidance of teachers and lecturers, the curriculum was updated. Now it fully complies with European standards. Education is paid, but there is an opportunity to get a scholarship. If your child has extraordinary talents and aspirations for knowledge in a certain area of science, we recommend that you consider BSB as your main place of study.

Interesting: one of the reasons for opening an institution with English teaching standards was the entry of Great Britain into the European Union. Although now the country has officially withdrawn from it.

Studying programs

The school has developed three stages of education – primary, secondary and academic. They correspond to the traditional British system, but taking into account European norms. The age of students for admission is 5-10 years. Previously, the teaching staff conducts testing, the level of knowledge of the applicant is determined. This is a basic condition for admission to the British School of Brussels for all students.


The age of children for education at the initial stage is from 5 to 11 years. Teaching is conducted in English and French. If your child is under the age of 5, you can choose a preschool course to adapt to the mainstream curriculum. In addition to standard subjects, the basics of foreign languages are taught, there is a gradual social adaptation of young students.

Primary education in Belgium

Stages of preparation in the main programs.

  1. 1-3 years. Preschool education. Basic social skills are developed, preparation for learning the alphabet, art, active games.
  2. 3-7 years. This is an elementary school in which the first stage of obtaining basic knowledge takes place – spelling, reading, studying the world around.
  3. 7-11 years old. In high school, you can already choose a specialization, some subjects are studied in depth.

A separate campus has been built for each part of the elementary British School in Brussels. On its territory there are playgrounds, areas for active and relaxing recreation. Periodically conduct excursions to local historical and natural sights of Belgium.

Important: for better adaptation of students, psychologists work, who immediately identify possible problems in the social activity of schoolchildren.

Secondary education

Secondary education takes place from 11 to 16 years of age. Standard disciplines are taught, the knowledge of which will give you the opportunity to enter any higher educational institution in Europe. At this stage, students can choose the main language of instruction – English or French. Most of the students, about 70%, are English-speaking children. Therefore, many stop at teaching in English. But it is possible to choose an additional language for learning.

This stage of secondary education is preparation for academic exams and further professional development. Schoolchildren and their parents can choose their future specialty, find out the conditions for admission to institutes and universities that cooperate with the British School in Brussels and other EU countries.

Important: in addition to academic performance, teachers monitor discipline among students. The latter are obliged to comply with the charter of the school, to observe the rules of conduct.


Studying at the academy is the first stage in obtaining a future profession. After the age of 16, students can take ten GCSEs or limit themselves to nine. You, together with your child, choose new training programs for higher education. After graduation, an international diploma will be issued, which will simplify admission to any European university. It is also taken into account when submitting documents to an English college, institute or university.

British School Academy

Academic preparation opportunities:

  • A Level. Obtaining a certificate of level “A” in the chosen subject. Most often, students stop at one of the foreign languages.
  • International Baccalaureate – IB. It is available in French or Dutch.
  • BTEC English courses. Specialization – business, hotel business, sports fields.

These directions cannot be combined, so you must analyze all the features of each. The main condition is the interest of the child. He himself must give preference to one discipline or another. After completing the course, the British School issues an international diploma.

Tip: at BSB There is parental support. In the parent committee, you can find out the current rules, the features of taking courses, and get qualified advice.

Description of infrastructure

For a complete learning process, the BSB guide created a complete infrastructure. It consists of sports facilities, parks, libraries, places for active and relaxing recreation. The total area of the British School in Brussels is 8 hectares. In addition, a forest reserve has been equipped for outdoor activities, as well as small hiking trips. The system is constantly evolving, new objects are added.

About BSB infrastructure

What is included in the educational institution:

  • The pool is 25 meters long. Features – equipped with a movable floor.
  • Large gymnastic arena for physical education lessons, competitions.
  • Three gyms with a variety of equipment.
  • Dance studio for children of different age categories.
  • There are a lot of machines, tools, a 3- D printer here.
  • Development Center for students over 16 years old.
  • Specialized circles in mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature.
  • Recording studio with modern equipment.

Visiting most of the circles and sections for students is free. But it is recommended to find out from the administration of the educational institution. There you can find the schedule of classes, where they are held. For sports sections, you will need to buy a uniform, but most of the equipment is issued during classes.

Tip: You can enroll your child in multiple classes. This determines the interest of children in a particular area.

Tuition fees and contacts

The British School is located in the Tevryuton district of Brussels, with a convenient transport interchange. Place address – Pater Dupierreuxlaan 1, 3080 Tervuren, Belgium. For admission, in addition to payment, you must pass a test. Teachers and psychologists determine the knowledge of the future student, predisposition to certain sciences, areas of activity.

The cost of studying at a British school depends on the age of the student. For primary classes, it is 28400 Euro per year. For the average program – up to 36320 Euro per year. You can agree on a phased payment. The price includes meals, individual lessons, accommodation for high school students.

School contacts:

  • Address – Pater Dupierreuxlaan 1, 3080 Tervuren.
  • Email –
  • Official site –
  • The number of students is 1250 people.

To get acquainted, you can order a tour of the educational institution. General information about the conditions for admission this year is on the official website. Additionally, you can contact the administrator or teachers. To do this, you need to send an official request by e-mail.