What charities are there in Belgium

List of charitable organizations in Belgium helping refugees

During a forced move to a European country, refugees can count on state assistance. However, in addition to this, there are several Belgian charities that can help you settle in a new place. They differ in directions, terms of cooperation. To help you, we will detail the best and most useful of them.

Infirmiers de Rue asbl

Volunteers and specialists Infirmiers de Rue asbl are working on homeless issues. The goal is the smooth integration of people without permanent residence into Belgian society. This Belgian charity works with refugees and locals in difficult situations. The main office is located in Brussels at Rue Gheude 21-25/41070. The main activities and programs can be found on the official website – https://www.infirmiersderue.be. For operational information support, you can call the phone number 02/265 33 00 or write an e-mail – info@idr-sv.org.

Infirmiers de Rue asbl in Brussels – helping the homeless

Main activities:

  • Search for a permanent or temporary place of residence in Brussels or other regions, cities of the country.
  • Prompt medical and psychological assistance to the homeless and refugees.
  • Integration of socially disadvantaged people into Belgian society.
  • Collaboration with other public, private and public organizations.

The latter made it possible to make the structure of branches throughout the country, which increased the efficiency of the community. A special area of activity for this charitable organization in Belgium is the “street nurses” program. Specialists promptly provide medical assistance to the homeless on the street.

Important: One of the points of the program is the adaptation of former prisoners to Belgian society, the search for housing and a new profession.

Belgian Red Cross

It is the oldest charitable organization in the world. Initially, it was engaged in helping the civilian population and the military, who suffered as a result of hostilities. However, over the past 150 years, the Red Cross has greatly expanded its programs to include the homeless, refugees, immigrants and other vulnerable groups. Detailed information about the activities can be found on the official website – https://www.icrc.org/.

Red Cross in Belgium

What this charitable organization does in Belgium, main activities:

  • Control and improvement of living conditions. Specialists monitor the places where refugees live, give recommendations for improvement, and provide material assistance.
  • Emergency and permanent medical care for vulnerable segments of the population, supply of medicines.
  • Psychological support. It is needed by people who have found asylum in Belgium, who fled the war. For example, refugees from Ukraine.
  • Family reunification. Search and organization of moving relatives to live together.

However, the disadvantage of the Red Cross as a charitable organization in Belgium is bureaucracy. You will receive basic, one-time, material, psychological assistance relatively quickly. But to participate in long-term programs, it is necessary to collect a large package of documents. This may drag on for a long time.

Important: The Red Cross has opened many representative offices in Belgium. This will help you get help quickly.

Edelweiss ASBL

This is a small charitable organization that provides assistance in finding housing and accommodation for refugee children aged 3 to 18 years. It is provided on the basis of a mandate from the SENSE Foundation Brussels. Applicants have the right to live in mobile trailers for 2 months. The services of this community are used by people who have lost their homes and need temporary shelter. Living conditions correspond to European standards.

Description of Edelweiss asbl

Most of the work is done by volunteers. In addition to assistance from the state, charitable contributions from individuals and companies are accepted. Feature of SENSE Foundation Brussels – minimal bureaucracy in applying for temporary housing. Additionally, employees help in enrolling children in kindergartens and schools. Edelweiss programs Asbl are designed for the natives of Belgium, refugees and immigrants.

Important: This community does not have a network of representative offices in the country, the main office is located in Brussels.


This is a non-profit public Belgian organization whose task is to help the poor. The priorities in the work are the adaptation of homeless people to the modern social environment. L’Ilot is a team of doctors, psychologists and volunteers who help not only local residents, but also refugees. The peculiarity of the work of the group is social adaptation, the opportunity for people to find a new job, housing. To solve these problems, several programs have been created that are successfully developing.

Organization of L'Ilot in Belgium

Areas of activity of the charitable organization L’Ilot in Belgium:

  • Les pots de L’Ilot. Training of the unemployed for employment in the service sector – hotel and restaurant business.
  • CABAS Combating food waste, optimizing garbage sorting at the stage of its formation.
  • Establishment of a day center in Brussels. It can provide temporary housing and food for the homeless, refugees and displaced immigrants.

Due to insufficient funding, the company has hardly developed over the past 2 years. The management is trying to resolve this issue by seeking funds from government agencies, attracting private patrons and investors. But in the future, this charitable organization in Belgium can become a leader in helping refugees.