Shooting and chase in East Flanders

Criminal showdown in East Flanders, Belgium – several hundred kilograms of cocaine were found

On Friday, June 16, between the cities of Dendemonde and Sint-Nyklass, Belgian Flanders, there was a shootout in the style of a Mexican showdown. A truck driver who stopped on Route 41 was attacked by two unidentified persons. However, he gave them a surprise by opening return fire. The shootout lasted 10-15 minutes, then all the participants fled in different directions. After the arrival of the police, interesting facts came to light.

Cocaine in the truck

The goal of the robbers was not a banal theft of a truck, but its contents. After a careful examination of the vehicle, it turned out that there were several hundred kilos of cocaine inside, which is a kind of criminal record for Belgium. The uncoupling and interception plan did not work, the driver and the attackers fled from law enforcement.

To check the nearby houses involved special equipment – cars with arrows. With their help, the police tried to find material evidence that criminals could throw on the roofs. However, nothing was found. The only piece of evidence is a shoe from one of the participants found in a ditch.

For a quiet European Belgium, such an incident is an exception. Perhaps we have witnessed the criminal showdown of large criminal groups for the possibility of transit of contaminated drugs through the country. The police department promised to share details after the end of the investigation.

Important: no local resident or private property was harmed during the firefight.