Asylum in Belgium for foreigners

How to get asylum in Belgium, social assistance, family accommodation, benefits

Belgium, like other EU countries, provides asylum to refugees. However, the procedure for obtaining the status differs from the standard one. Therefore, before the trip, it is recommended to study all the features, find out the procedure for obtaining asylum in Belgium – where to apply, a list of documents, regulations. It is important to know the amount of the monthly cash benefit, living conditions in the country, the possibility of applying for a job. In this article, we will answer these questions, which will help you get asylum in the shortest possible time.

Travel to Belgium for protection

Citizens in whose countries hostilities are taking place can receive asylum. Also, this status is granted to persons whose rights are not respected in their own state. For refugees from Ukraine, on the territory of which there is a military conflict, the procedure for obtaining asylum in Belgium is simplified. It is possible to obtain the status at the border checkpoint, at one of the OCMW or CPAS centers. If you arrive at the train station late, the Red Cross representatives who are permanently present will help you.

Admission to the country

A special registration center has been created for Ukrainians in Brussels, which is located at 40 Place Victor Horta, 1060 Bruxelles. Refugees can receive informational support, small material assistance, and choose options for temporary accommodation.

What to do upon arrival in Belgium, how to properly start the asylum procedure in the country:

  • It is not recommended to give documents at the border control. Otherwise, you will be immediately sent to a closed refugee camp, where it is difficult to get help from lawyers and get financial assistance.
  • Upon arrival, you need to go through the standard border control, and then contact one of the offices of the Bureau of Aliens OCMW or CPAS.
  • For temporary accommodation, catering, you can ask for help from representatives of the Red Cross.
  • Lack of a passport or other identity documents is not a reason for refusing to grant asylum in Belgium.

To travel by car, you must first issue a “Green Card”. This can be done in your own country. Transportation of pets only with European veterinary certificates. At the border control, you will not be required to provide medical or health certificates.

Important: children can enter Belgium only if accompanied by their parents or guardians. The status of the latter is documented.

Registration of refugee status

At the first stage, you need to get Appendix 15. It gives a temporary right to stay in the country until the execution of basic documents. Issued by the state municipality. To apply, you need a passport or other identification document. At the same time, you can specify that you want to obtain asylum in Belgium for yourself and your family. Depending on the selected Service Center, you will receive Annexe 15 or Bijlage 15. This will be the basis for further issuance of a type A permit.

Obtaining refugee status in Belgium

A card allows you to stay in the country for up to 1 year with the possibility of extending the permit. You can also get a job, but this is the case if you do not claim refugee status. The latter receive financial assistance from the state up to 1100 Euros per person. For a family, the maximum allowance is 1560 Euros. Additionally, you can count on social housing or assistance with renting an apartment or house. The alternative is free accommodation in a closed refugee camp, which is not recommended.

Card A gives access to social protection – education, employment, free medical care, psychological assistance. During the verification of documents, you will be called several times to the local municipality for repeated interviews, filling out additional forms and documents. It is important to justify the need for asylum in Belgium by attaching documentary evidence.

Tip: If you are unsure of your knowledge of Belgian law, you can request that an interpreter and a lawyer be present during the interview. These services are free for foreigners.

Benefit amount in Belgium

Financial assistance depends on the refugee status, family composition and other factors that are determined by the municipality or representatives of the office for foreigners. According to the immigration legislation of the country, the minimum amount of material assistance per person is 1100 Euros. The region of future residence, the possibility of applying for a job in a local company, and the state of health are taken into account. Asylum in Belgium provides for the provision of social housing. An alternative is financial assistance when renting private property (an apartment or a house).

The amount of financial assistance in Belgium

Features of the refugee allowance in Belgium:

  • For each adult family member, payments in the amount of 7750 Euros are provided.
  • Children receive from 100 to 200 Euros every month.
  • The total amount of assistance cannot exceed 1560 Euros.
  • It is possible to revise the amount of material assistance upwards.

In order to receive benefits when applying for asylum in Belgium, you must open a bank account in one of the state banks. Social workers will provide assistance with this procedure. It is important that you do not have additional undeclared sources of income that will not be reported to the Bureau of Aliens. If you get a formal job, you need to provide an employment contract with the employer.

Tip: keep all receipts after purchases. They can be useful for confirming spending for the current month. Social workers check them periodically.

Housing, work and education for refugees

To live in Belgium, you can contact a special state bureau – FEDASIL. They will provide several social housing options based on family composition. You can independently choose an apartment or a house, which are rented by local residents. It is important that your future refuge in Belgium meets social standards – the size of the living space, the location of kindergartens and schools in the area. After verification, an application for compensation for rental housing is submitted. In fact, the rent will be paid by the state.

How to get housing, work and education

The situation with work in the country is different. In addition to an official permit type A, it is necessary to register with the employment and vocational training service – Le Form. The center will help in choosing vacancies, send you for retraining or training courses for a new specialty. An important condition is knowledge of one of the state languages in the country. If you decide to live entirely on public support, you need to learn English to an A-1 level. You can try to find a job on your own, using ads in the local press, on specialized Internet sites. To do this, prepare a resume.

After receiving asylum in Belgium and registering with the local municipality, children can be registered in kindergartens and schools. For refugees from Ukraine, preparatory courses have been created to adapt the child to local conditions of study. The basics of one of the state languages of the country are given, the help of psychologists is possible to avoid stress.

Important: the social service checks the living conditions of children. If they do not meet current standards or the behavior of the parents violates the law, it is possible to transfer the child to state guardianship authorities.

Provision of medical care

Free medical assistance is provided to all refugees who have completed Annex 15 or received an A card. To do this, you need to go to a local hospital and go through a simple registration procedure. In case of an emergency, you can call an ambulance. If you do not have the necessary documents yet or their execution is delayed, make a health insurance policy. It will cover most of the costs of treatment.

For non-urgent treatment, appointments, check-ups, or other procedures, contact your local OCMW/CPAS office. You will be assigned the place and date of the doctor’s appointment, doctor’s visit. All procedures with the correct registration of asylum in Belgium are provided free of charge.