Antwerp in Belgium

General information about Antwerp for tourists and travelers

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium after Brussels. It combines a developed economy and respect for history. It is the administrative center of the province of the same name in Flanders. It was founded in the 7th century, but documented historical references are found only in the 15th century.

About the location of the city

The city of Antwerp in Belgium lies on the banks of the Scheldt River in Flanders. Brussels is 50 km away. It adjoins the North Sea, thanks to which the second largest port in Europe was built on its territory. It became the basis for the economic development of the province and the region. Heavy and chemical industries operate on the territory. Developed energy, including nuclear.

Country Belgium
Region Flemish
Provinces Antwerp
Population 530 thousand
Square 205 km²
official languages Dutch, French
Climate temperate continental

Most of the area is occupied by plains, in the north there are small hills. Several highways and railways approach Antwerp in Belgium. There is an international airport that performs cargo and passenger transportation. It is located in the southeast. You can get from it to the center by bus, taxi or rent a car.

Public transport is developed – urban and suburban bus routes have been developed. There is no classic underground metro, but tram networks have been created that cover all areas of the city. This is a convenient alternative for independent movement around Antwerp by public transport.

Population and areas

Due to the international seaport and the intersection of trade routes, Antwerp has become multinational. Now the city is home to about 170 nationalities, which is a record for Belgium. They are separate communities that try to maintain their traditions. This is the attraction of Antwerp for tourists – here you can taste the national dishes of almost all the peoples of the world in restaurants and cafes, see unique traditions and rituals.

Districts of Antwerp on the map

Description of the districts of the city:

  • One of the central districts of the city, known for its architectural solutions. It is the unofficial birthplace of the Art Nouveau style.
  • It occupies a small area, up to 45 thousand people live permanently on its territory. Features – here is the Turnhoutsebaan shopping street, which is also a tourist boulevard.
  • A suburb of Antwerp in Belgium, which is mostly inhabited by the local population. Small streets, many private houses, but almost no sights. Sod can be attributed to the sleeping areas of the city.
  • Located in the north of the municipality, next to the port, commercial and industrial infrastructure. The southern part is the commercial center.

There are many other small areas in Antwerp. But unlike other cities in Belgium, they are almost not divided along national or religious lines. This is a convenient city for the first stage of emigration to the country, the beginning of obtaining Belgian citizenship. An additional plus is a lot of jobs for various specialties.

Municipality of Antwerp

The city administration is located in the central building of the municipality. It is located at Grote Markt 1 2000 Antwerp. Here you can solve the issues of migration to the country, formalize the ownership of housing and land, learn about the work of public utilities, social and transport services. All relevant information is available on the official website – For inquiries or additional information, please write to or call 03 22 11 333.

General information about Antwerp for tourists and travelers

The municipality of Antwerp pays attention to the development of the tourism industry in the region. On the website of the administration, you can get information about historical and natural attractions, learn more about transfers, rent cars, bicycles, and public transport. There is a list of required documents for visiting the region of Belgium.

Additionally, the conditions for investing in the region’s economy are described. Conditions have been created for opening a new business, supporting charitable organizations. Unique programs have been developed for the study of local and foreign students.

Results: Antwerp is a developed European city. Subject to the rules and laws, you can have a good rest here, start your own business or go to study at a local university. It is important to learn one of the official languages of the Belgian region, to learn the peculiarities of the local culture.

Antwerp in Belgium

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